Corporate support

Supporting Bridgend YMCA’s work with young people to belong, contribute and thrive can help your organisation in a number of ways.

Positive brand association can be beneficial both to the YMCA and to your organization. Partnering with us is a great way to motivate staff and set you apart from others in your field.

It is also a chance to demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility whilst offering opportunities to reach new audiences.

One Off Donation

Some organisations choose to support Bridgend YMCA through one-off donations, these are very much appreciated and help towards our work.

To give a donation please give us a call and speak with Reg Denley.

Staff Fundraising

Fundraising gives staff common goals, a sense of shared pride and increases team spirit. Events can be anything from a staff dress down day to a corporate golf event, dinner, or an auction.

These are fantastic ways of getting staff involved. This is Team Building that really can make a difference!

Charity of the Year

Working with Bridgend YMCA as your Charity of the Year can have a lasting positive effect on your organization.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could make this a mutually beneficial experience.

Gifts in Kind

It is not just monetary donations that help Bridgend YMCA; organisations can donate gifts in kind.

These could be anything from food for our weekly clubs, or equipment for our youth activities. These can greatly benefit the young people receiving our support.

Donating gifts that can be used as raffle or competition prizes is another fantastic way of supporting us. Such donations can help us raise huge amounts for the charity and can really boost our fundraising efforts.

Gift Aid Scheme

Organisations can benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme and receive tax relief on any donation made to Bridgend YMCA.

You can deduct the amount of the donation from profits prior to calculating corporate tax at the end of the financial year. This means that Bridgend YMCA benefits fully from the donation made.

More information on this can be found on the HMRC website, or give us a call to discuss.